mein su chaand ne roshni bataavu

No amount of words we write will be ever be able to match what Mazoon-e-daawat il-gharra’ Syedi Khuzema bhaisaheb Qutbuddin MaulaTUS means to us. We owe Mazoon Maula our lives, in every literal sense the word stands for. My father started going with Mazoon Maulatus for ashara khidmat since 1989. And luckily enough, it didn’t stop there. Right now our lives are going on well because of Maula. Every step of the way aap Maula is there, bestowing us with aapni “dua-e mustajaab”. Our day to day small worries are vanished in the split of a second. Imtehaan ma kaamyaab thavu, bimaar hoi ne shifa thavu, everything has happened at the hands of Mazoon Maulatus, whether big or small. In life one needs someone for assurance, someone who cares for you, someone who would be by your side no matter how petty you or your issue is. Someone who keeps you strong, someone because of whom you can hold your head high and oh! The list is endless. This is all that, that one supernatural being is for all of us!

Mazoon Maulatus is one name that means the world to us. It is our amazing fortune that we are so close to Mazoon Maulatus and his family that they give us the truly azeem sharaf of doing Mazoon Maulatus’s khidmat. We are not close in the biological sense; in fact Maula keeps us close and treats us like family. We mean it when we say that when Mazoon Maulatus or any of Maula’s family members call for us, we don’t care (whether it is day or night, we are busy or tired), we try to be there, and do whatever we can, to the best of our abilities. Yet we never can thank Maula enough for what Maula has done for us.

We asked our father to tell us what he felt about Mazoon Maulatus’s seerat and the first sentence he said was, “mein su chaand ne roshni bataavu?” Similarly there is someone we know of who met Mazoon Maulatus and when asked about his experience, he simply said that he couldn’t say anything about someone who lives on earth but shares a relationship with the One up there.

[Contributed by Sakina Bhaigora in 2014]