Poem by Ummesalama Mustafa (Colombo)

Clouds of discord
threaten to darken
the Fatemi horizon

From the Madina
of Taiyeb Imam (SA)
Sun has risen

Of Fifty third Dai
Whose Fair Name
is Maula Khuzaima

Fair of Face
Whose Glory Sublime
Noorun Ala Noor

He dispels darkness (of Jaaheliyat)
bestows life giving
knowledge that heals!

He is indeed
Anharun mim Maa in Gaire Aasesin
Making hearts rejoice.

Those who oppose
Aqa Taher’s (AQ) Beloved
will be doomed

Truth will prevail
In Qutbuddin Maula (tus)
Imam’s divine Aayat!

Once again Saifedeen
come amongst us
As Qutbedeen Maula!

We answer Him
and pledge lives
to Him forever

Long live Maula!
continue to bless
His adoring worshippers.

Amate Syedonal Min’aam (tus)
Zahra Ja’alto Fidaka

Ummi’s poem
A Star is born

Maula You are our Father
You are kindness and mercy
Your shaan is like no other.

Maula please guide us
We leave our fate in your hands
You are Master of destinies.

Maula You have power to resurrect
As Essa Maseeh did
Your greatness is unfathomable
Truly beyond comparison

May You live long Maula(tus)
spreading Fatemi Da’wat like
the rays of sunshine.