Mohabbat in our hearts

Syedi Mazoon Saheb ni benevolence and mohabbat:

We had done araz ke Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb paachha padhare and hamnay khidmat no moko aape. Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb aap nu schedule reorganize kari ne hamaara vahaan padhaara and hamnay ghani ghani doa ane barakat si navaaza. Words cannot express our gratitude and we are humbled ke aap takleef lai ne hamaara vahaan padhaara. During Syedi Mazoon Saheb’s stay there was a qadambosi bethak at our place, and we were so inspired watching him take personal interest in everything everyone had to say. Aap itla tamakkun si sagla ni araz sunay chhe, and gives every person and family so much time. Every person who had come left feeling so special and blessed with Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb doa mubaarak. Watching this entire experience reminded me of stories I had heard growing up from my mom, about when they were young, and they would go to do qadambosi of Sayyedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb. Aap bhi hamaesha tamakkun si sagla ni vaat sunta and everyone would leave with peace and contentment. We see the same mohabbat and tireless effort with Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb today.

Syedi Mazoon Saheb ni mohabbat bacchao bhi mehsoos karay chhe. Aap bachchao ne hamesha personally mohabbat si address karay. Bachchao ne bhi Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb ni shifa ma itu yaqeen che, ke jaare bhi beemaar paray chhe to aap nu shifa nu honey ane paani maangse. Last year, when Mazoon Saheb yahaan Toronto ma hata, toh they said, “I wish Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb would live in Toronto so we could always see him and get shifa.” Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb ni mohabbat towards kids was once again seen this Ashara Mubaraka in Bakersfield, where he always gave shifa to all the kids every evening. My son Haider would look forward to gaining shifa everyday, this was the highlight of his experience. Then on Ashura day, jaare bachchao ne aap ye aagal bulaavi ne personally mohabbat si address kidha, that was the most wonderful experience. The kids feel so connected and special, it is amazing to see Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb take so much time and attention in interacting with children. This is an experience that I know Haider and I will never forget.

Sayyedi Mazoon SahebTUS ni shaan ma je kahiye, it will not suffice. It is something that all of us have experienced and feel everytime we are in his presence. Above experiences just offer a small glimpse, but words can never do justice to the mohabbat we feel in our hearts.

[Contributed by Ummulkiraam Patrawala, Toronto on Dec 23 2013]