Zaini masjid – Kondhwa, Pune

We did Araz to Mazoon MaulaTUS for making the masjid at Kondhwa, Pune, and he did araz to Aqa MaulaTUS for giving us raza. At every stage of building the masjid, Mazoon MaulaTUS took keen interest, and doa farmaavi. I did araz to Mazoon MaulaTUS for qibla design, immediately the raza came, “Badri Mahal na qibla banaavo, Aqa MaulaTUS ne ghana pasand chhe”. When I asked for the chandelier, he told me to get three photographs of it, and pointed to one and gave raza. It was that simple. Mazoon MaulaTUS instructed me to go to Shehzada Shabbir Bhaisaheb, and I got all the required permission. When I got the Maharashtra Government letter of ‘No Objection’ as a new masjid and at Rozat Tahera, in the car, showed Mazoon MaulaTUS the letter, he instructed the driver to reverse the car so he could see the Rozat and did doa for me. On the eve of iftitah of the masjid, Mazoon MaulaTUS saw the masjid and we did shukur for helping us in building it, Mazoon MaulaTUS ye tivaare farmaayu, “Aaje tamaara bawa jannat ma ghana khush thatha hasay.” On the day of iftitah, when I was in the car, Aqa MaulaTUS ye farmaan kidu “aaje ne aaje masjid ni jagah ma boring well khodo.” In the evening Mazoon MaulaTUS pointed his finger at the masjid drawing, at a place above the qibla, we dug the boring well, and today after 10 years we are still getting the water from the bore well. Zaini masjid got completed in less than four years, where we were able to get the land transferred to Anjuman-e-Taheri, got all the Government papers and got the Completion Certificate from the Pune Municipal Corporation before the iftitah. Without the blessing and doa of Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS and Mazoon MaulaTUS it would not have been possible. Thirteen years ago there were 1000 Mumineen staying in the Kondhwa area (1999), today there are more than 4500.

[Contributed by Mohammed Bhai kaka]