manay woh fikar chhe je fikar Maulaya Raj ne hati

There was a debate amongst the Qasre Aali sahebo when the Udaipur matter got heated up. Shz Najmuddin’s policy was to totally segregate people who had rebelled. And Mazoon MaulaTUS was vouching for reconciliation. So someone asked Mazoon MaulaTUS, why are you so worried (‘itni su panchaat chhe’) for them. So Mazoon Maula answered, that my worries are similar to the worries of Maulaya Raj (manay woh fikar chhe je fikar Maulaya Raj ne hati.) At that time the mentality in the dawat was that if they have gone let them go away. Mazoon MaulaTUS was always of the opinion that there should be reconciliation. They separated from us, but why should they go away completely, why should we keep them away? They should be brought back into our faith. Shz Najmuddin was of the opinion that if they have gone, let them go.

Mazoon Maula once narrated to me what Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA had said: “Jamaat is like a pot of earth. The one who is intelligent will take care of it [so that good things can grow]. The one who is short sighted will kick it away and disregard it.” Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA also said, “During my tenure as Dai-al-Mutlaq many people rebelled against me but very few people separated from us. [I have not pushed anyone away]” Mazoon MaulaTUS’s policy, following Sayyedna Taher Saifuddin’s, was always to keep people together. Aqa MaulaTUS’s policy was also the same. For exampe in Godhra, when incidents on the same lines as Udaipur had taken place, those people were kept separated. They had been made to sit separately in Aqa MaulaTUS’s vaaz, so Aqa Maula TUS said, “Sukaam alag baitho chho, aavo hamara saath thai jaao.”

[Contributed bu Yusuf Bhai Muchawala on Dec 2013]