“Waqt ghano kum chhe magar farmaan uthaavi lo.”

I gave ziyafat of Sayyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin in 1974. Sayyedi Mazoon SahebTUS played a very important role in that. I completed my work and went to Badri Mahal to do Aqa Maula’s qadambosi, and then went to do qadambosi of Sayyedi Mazoon SahebTUS. I did araz to Sayyedi Mazoon SahebTUS that I was keen to do Aqa Maula’s ziyafat. Next day at 8:00 am Shk. Mohammed bhai Yamani came to my house and told me that he had come last night but no one was there. Then he asked me, “Tamay Mazoon MaulaTUS ma araz kidi hati ziyafat ni?” I told him that I had mentioned it. Shk Mohammed bhai told me, “Mazoon MaulaTUS ye araz kidi Maulana ma ane Aqa MaulaTUS ye aaje saanjh no time farmaayo chhe.” It was a very difficult task but Mazoon Maula said, “Waqt ghano kum chhe magar farmaan uthaavi lo.” My wife is very courageous, and I called my mother from Surat. Within half a day to arrange everything for Maulana’s ziyafat is very difficult, but everything was arranged. Maulana graced us with the sharaf of ziyafat. I was particularly pleased that Maulana arrived at my house without any difficulty or problems and that is only because of Mazoon Maula’s yaari. Aqa MaulaTUS no shukur ane Mazoon MaulaTUS no shukur. So like this we got closer and closer to Mazoon Maula.

[Contributed by Yusuf Bhai Muchala on Dec 2013]