Umbrella over Syedna Burhanuddin

My late mother, may Allah bless her, was telling me that the Pope came to Mumbai for Eucharistic Congress sometime in 1960 and the function was in Cross Maidan. Syedna Muqaddas AQ sent all Qasre Aali sahebo including our Aqa MaulaTUS and Syedi Mazoon Saheb, then Shz Khuzaima BS. All shehzadas were sitting in the shade and in comfort. Khuzaima Bhaisaheb was outside in the sunlight, standing next to Aqa Maula holding the umbrella.

Another incident my mother told me was: In one of the home ziyafat of Muqaddas Maula AQ. mother was doing qadambosi and she was standing in a position where her back was to Syedi Mazoon Maula (our present Burhanuddin AqaTUS). Saifuddin Maula AQ reprimanded her, as her back is facing Mazoon Saheb. Nowadays high people think it is fashionable to pray namaz separately when our present Mazoon Saheb, Sayyedi Khuzaima BhaisahebTUS, is leading the prayer right in Fatemi Masjid, Rozat Tahera.

[Contributed by Hunaid Bhai Khorakiwala on 21 Nov 2013]