too many ‘coincidences’

I had to shift due to some consequences and there was an available commercial unit in the next building on the 1st floor, but it was too expensive. I did araz to Mazoon Maula TUS about it and Maula told me, “Buy it!” I said that it wasn’t in my budget, to which Mazoon Maula TUS asked me to go and speak to the owner again and that Maula will pray for me. I did as instructed and much to my amazement the owner reduced the price by 21 lakhs! I purchased it.

There was an apartment on the 3rd floor which I wished to buy but it was obvious that the prices for residential flats would be much higher. But I had a long term perspective in mind and so I did araz to Mazoon Maula TUS. Mazoon Maula TUS told me to go and negotiate but not too much. It happened so, that due to the doa of Mazoon Maula TUS, there was no buyer for 8 months and hence I got the flat. Surprisingly there was a counter demand for the flat of about more than 3 buyers just after I bought the flat. Such is the barakat of Mazoon Maula TUS’s doa. This is Mazoon Maula TUS humanistic personality.

Now looking at Mazoon Maula TUS’s spiritual personality. It’s ironic that people have forgotten what Mazoon Maula TUS stands for. It was the year of 1985, the 7th of Moharram. Mazoon Maula was performing Ashara vaaz in Colombo. I was there on a business trip and used to go for vaaz and qadambosi. Aqa Maula TUS was in Surat and I wanted to go there. I did araz to Mazoon Maula TUS that I wished to go to Surat but the match was on the same day and so I could not leave. Mazoon Maula TUS told me that come for vaaz and leave in the middle. I knew my office wouldn’t allow but even then I went for vaaz. I got up at 1 pm, took raza and left for Surat. I reached there and asked someone that what happened in the match and the person tells me, “You don’t know? The match never happened!” This can’t be a coincidence!

In March 2004, Mazoon Maula TUS was in Kolkata and it was very hot. It had not rained for 7 months. I told Mazoon Maula TUS about it. Mazoon Maula TUS did doa. And amazingly, it rained! The next day was my ziyafat at my place on the terrace. I was worried that if it rains during the ziyafat, it would be a major spoiler. So I did doa ni araz to Mazoon Maula TUS and Maula told me that he wanted to see the terrace. Mazoon Maula TUS went around the entire terrace and told me, “Nazrul maqaam maanje.” And as one would guess by now, it didn’t rain. At around 4 p.m. it drizzled a bit, but that was it.

When such things happen, one often tends to be logical and think in terms of coincidences. But when 15 coincidences happen one after the other, you know that there is a much deeper meaning to it.

[Contributed by Mudar bhai Patharya on 19 Dec 2013]