sitarao ni ghaato badli naakhi

My name is Mulla Shabbir Makki (this laqab ‘Makki’ Mazoon Maula TUS ye inaayat kidu chhe). I was in service in Saudi Arabia since 1977 to 1998, almost 22 years. My father suffered a heart attack in 1975 and after that, although I was earning a handsome salary as a Jr. Chemist cum Supervisor with Devidayal Electronics Ltd., I was unable to cope up with the expenses. I started looking for a job in Gulf countries, which I got after minnat of performing ziyarat of Taher Saifuddin Maula RA for 40 days.
On achieving the job in ARAMCO I did niyyat that the 1st salaam najwa I do to Aqa Maula TUS and Mazoon Maula TUS will be my 1st three salaries. After a year (in 1978) I came on vacation to Mumbai and made two envelopes with the amount I had done niyyat of salaam. Also as per guidance of my Nanimaa Kulsum bai Bootwala, I prepared two trays of hadiyah (dry fruits, chocolates and eatables) I had brought from Saudi Arabia. Then my Mama, Shk. Abdullah bhai Bootwala, told me that “2 din pachhi Mazoon Maula TUS no milaad chhe,” so if you do this salaam on this day it will look good. So I changed the amount in the najwa cover, but maaru dil notu maantu, so on the way to Saifee Mahal with my grandmother, I again put back the original amount.

It was Friday and Aqa Maula TUS car came before Mazoon Maula. I did araz to Aqa Maula TUS who karam ane ehsaan farmaavi accepted the hadiyah and najwa and showered his blessings on me. Then I rushed to the 4th floor and Mazoon Maula TUS padhaara and hadiyo araz kido, aap ye qabool farmaayo. Then I did salaam, and to my astonishment he did not accept it but said, “Milaad na din karje, achhu chhe”. I was dumbfounded. Something what was discussed at home, he knew. Rightfully said, ke jo chaahe to Maula dil ni vaat jaani le. My Nanimaa did araz, “Maula, kai khata thai hoi to maaf kari do. Jo aap maaf nai karo to hamay kona paase jai su. Maula aa najwa aap qabool karo, milaad na din pun karsay.” Then Maula accepted the salaam. Niyyat ma faraq pari gayo hato because I had changed the amount, so it was not accepted at first, only after the niyyat was reconfirmed. Maula rehmat varsaavi ne khata maaf pun kari de chhe ikhlaas si tauba karva si.

In 1983, I was appointed by M/S Mohammad Bin Ladin as a Procurement Supervisor. I was responsible of all Bulk Purchases (local as well as international) and also there were two local buyers under my supervision. In 1985 just before my annual vacation, my subordinate, who was also an Indian, told me, to my astonishment, that the local buyer and the Admin Manager, both Egyptians, had written a letter to the head office accusing me of taking bribes (commission) from the suppliers, and suggested to hand me over to the local police. I was so upset that when I came down for vacation I approached Shk. Abdul Husain (known as Coco-Cola famously) for seeing faal. He, after seeing the faal, told me that if I go back then I might land up in trouble and even be jailed. So he advised me not to go back. Mazoon Maula TUS America ma tashreef raakhta hata. I called up Sakina Baisaheba and told her the complete details, requesting doa of Mazoon Maula TUS. Baisaheba told me to go back to the Shk. Abdul Husain and tell him that I have been asked by Mazoon Maula TUS to open the faal again. The Miyasaab avoided me and said that why did you approach Mazoon Maula TUS and why did you come to me when you had this approach. However, he did not see the faal again and I reported this to Baisaheba, who said that Mazoon Maula is arriving shortly to India and I should do the araz personally.

Mazoon Maula India tashreef laaya. I went for qadambosi, and as my vacation was ending, I sought raza to go back to Saudi on my job, but Mazoon Maula TUS said “kaale paachho aawje ane paachhu poochhje”. This continued every day. I was called and my vacation had ended. I had overstayed and I told Mazoon Maula but got the same reply… Then Mazoon Maula TUS went for tham washsheq to Matheran, and I also went. After namaaz we got the privilege to enter the room of Taher Saifuddin Maula and do sajda. Then after qadambosi again I asked for raza to leave for Saudi and was given the same reply, Mumbai aavi ne poochhje.

Next day in the morning, as usual, I was waiting at al-Azhar for Mazoon Maula TUS to arrive from fajer namaaz and before I could ask he said “raza chhe.” He added, “roz aawto hato” (Maula no karam ane ehsaan ke aap ni presence ma manay raakhi ne beshumaar barakat si navaazo). After I returned to Saudi, the buyer, the Admin Manager and others involved in complaining against me were either transferred from the Project or terminated. In my absence an investigating committee was formed to check with the buyers and all allegations against me were proved baseless. Also, I was in the meantime made Head of Stores and Procurement. (When I was packing my stuff to leave for Saudi, my brother’s friend, a Parsi, who is a najumi (astrologer), had come to meet my brother; he told me that all your stars were in retrograde position but now all have started to come in positive position, and after a month all your stars will become so powerful that if a person will fire a bullet at you the bullet will bounce back in reverse and hit the person who fired at you. That’s exactly what happened.)

In the ghaibat of Imam-uz-Zaman only Dai az-Zaman and his Mazoon (je no ghano aala rutbo chhe) sitarao ni ghaato badli sakay chhe. This is ain ul-yaqeen which shows that Mazoon no rutbo, after Dai az-Zaman, is the highest and esteemed rutba in Fatemi Dawat and that aa haq ni Dawat chhe ane Rasulallah SAW na vaaris-aj aava mojiza bataavi sakay chhe.

[Contributed by Shabbir bhai Makki in Jan 2014]