Shifa nu paani

Seven years back I used to have pain in my lower abdomen for which I showed a gynaecologist. Upon doing sonography it showed that I had fibroids. The doctor suggested that I should get an operation done to remove my uterus. I did araz for dua and started taking Mazoon Maula’s shifa nu paani. After sometime, I went to Muscat and showed a gynaecologist and told her that I need to do a sonography as I am having fibroids. She did the sonography and told me, “who said you have fibroids?” I told her about the pain and then the sonography which showed fibroids. The doctor told me that there are no fibroids, all is clear. Mazoon Maula’s doa and shifa na paani ni barakat chhe.

[Contributed by Sakina Suterwala Qamari on 7 Jan 2014]