A changed life

Here is my own experience in light of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Maula’s (RA) Lailatul Qadr noorani kalemaat : “Khuzaima mustajab ud-doa chhe”, which proves it right again: I had accepted my fate of not having a child well before I married my second wife in October 2006, and was not really very confident or optimistic about ever getting a child as she was 41 when we married and I know it is very difficult and dangerous for a woman to conceive for the first time and deliver a healthy baby after 40. I know of a similar case in our own family where the baby was still born. I have had close interactions with doctors and understand the risks of such a situation. Al-Hamdolillah I had the good fortune of hosting Mazoon Maula’s TUS ziyafat, and Mazoon Maula TUS with karam and ehsaan prayed my nikaah. I attribute the fact that my wife and I were able to get a healthy child soon after marriage in 2007 due to Mazoon Maula’s doa barakat. The gynaecologist had made it very clear to us right from the beginning that the chances of carrying the baby to the full term and delivering a healthy baby were not high due to my wife’s age. My son Taher is living proof that Mazoon Maula’s doa barakat can change a person’s life for the better.
Mazoon Maula TUS ne haath jorine ekaj guzarish chhe ke Maula hamesha aapni shafaqat ni nazar hamara upar raakhjo. Khuda nek taufeeq aape ke hamesha Burhanuddin Maula TUS ane Mazoon Maula TUS ni khushi haasil karoon ane doa ni barakat leto rahoon.

[Contributed by Shabbir bhai Haidermota on 16 Dec 2013]