Role Model

See, a “role model” is a very honorable title for someone to hold. Once you are looked upon by someone, they become like your own student. Whatever you do, good or bad, the person looking up to you will do the same as you… The main definition of a role model is somebody you admire and want to be like. Most of the time they are kind and loving and do lots of great things. Also they are cared and respected by many other people. Role models may also have good characteristics like humbleness, patience, knowledge, and wisdom. His Eminence Syedi Khuzema Bhai Saheb Qutbuddin, who is my great-great uncle, possesses all of these wonderful traits and much much more.

One reason His Eminence is a role model for me is because he not only knows a lot about Islam but also about how to practice it in daily life.  To people of my community, religion is of the utmost importance so to know His Eminence is a very great thing…   His wisdom guides us whether something is good or bad or whether how to pray or what to say. He always uses his knowledge in useful ways and whatever he preaches to us he will do.

Another reason His Eminence is my biggest role model is because he is always extraordinarily happy and loving. His Eminence has given so much to the less fortunate. His Eminence is a founder of a charitable organization called Zahra Hasanaat…  His Eminence is always smiling and always cheerful. His Eminence is always showing lovingness whether it is his own kids or just ordinary people. His Eminence shares a joke every once in a while, and if I am down I immediately feel joy flow up my body. I always think of His Eminence as a superhero, because he is kind, caring, smart, loving, and so much more.

His Eminence is always inspiring me, and others. I use the word “role model” lightly for His Eminence… because he is so much more.

[Contributed by Taha Bhai Vahanvaty, Age 12 for a School Assignment, USA on 8 Jan 2014]

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