Ring Road Masjid (Surat)

Ring Road Masjid (Surat), with its Qabrastan, was in the worst condition – it had become a place to store liquor. Once Daddy and Shk. Haider bhai Hajoori were passing by and saw that a qabar had mumin name inscribed on it. Daddy did araz in Hazrat of Mazoon Maula and when Aqa Maula and Mazoon Maula were passing from that road to Pardi, Mazoon Maula nazar farmaavi ane at Pardi did araz in hazrat of Aqa MaulaTUS about the masjid. Aqa MaulaTUS ye farmaayu Aamil saheb Yahya bhaisaheb, kothar ane jamaat members ne ke masjid ne colour karaavo ane aabaad thai. Ghanu sakhat farmaayu, ke “koi ne shak hoi ke aa masjid chhe ke nahi to mein ehne waqaf karu chhu.” After that also no one took the initiative to repair the masjid. Daddy again did araz to Mazoon Maula and Mazoon Maula ye farmaayu ke koi karay ya na karay tamay masjid aabaad karo. Aqa Maula granted raza for namaz in Ramazaan and also for Lailatul Qadr to Daddy. He used go with lantern & give lift to mumineen staying nearby in our car. After so many years kothar took interest and renovated the masjid. It is due to Mazoon MaulaTUS initiative this masjid is aabaad till today. Now in Ramazaan whole month niyaz jaman thaai chhe ane officially namaz paravaane mokalvama aave chhe.

[Contributed by Juzer Bhai Hydermota on 4 Jan 2014]