Maula’s barakat

Words often fall short of expressing ones inner most thoughts and feelings. The various ehsaans of Mazoon MaulaTUS are felt more readily than being able to pour into words. Perhaps one of the most tangible incidents in our life is the meeting of us both Juzer and myself. We have met thanks to the kind efforts of Mazoon maulaTUS and Baisaheba Sakina baisaheba, without whom we would not have met and our blissful married life of 21 years would just not have been possible. It is naturally one of the most important and most unforgettable moments in our life. And it is their doa mubarak and blessings that have led to such happiness filled years for us.

When we did Mazoon Maula’sTUS ziafat at our home fifteen years ago, we put everything in it that we had. Heart, soul and material punji. We knew deep down that this wealth is of no use if we do not use it today for this purpose. We got new carpets, curtains and an air conditioner all installed the previous evening, as the ziyafat venue was decided at the last minute. We even got our house painted in one night. We are enjoying the fruits of that doa mubarak in our lives today. There is barakat in the house due to the doa mubarak of Aqa MaulaTUS and Mazoon MaulaTUS always. We see it in our home, our children and in the sukoon and peace amidst all worldly strife. There have been so many moments and incidents that cannot be all recalled at this instant. Barakat is not finite or tangible. It is felt in our hearts and lived in our lives. We breathe in their ehsaan. Many times we do not express vocally but we take wasila of Aqa Maula & Mazoon Maula, we may not do articulate araz but our work is done.

Long live Aqa MaulaTUS. Long live Mazoon ud DawatTUS.

[Contributed by Farida Ben JuzerBhai Hydermota on 4 Jan 2014]