Shk Mohammad Yamani Letter

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{p.1} In the khidmat of the great Maula and leader whose shaan is lofty, and the esteemed sardaar a finely tempered sword whose rank is exalted, who is in the place of the eye and its inner part in the form of angelic virtues and inherited qualities, and who is for the souls who have fallen into this world in the place of a ladder and steps leading upwards; the Mazoon of the shining Dawat, ‘the outstanding scholar’, ‘the trusted of the Dawat Tayyebiyya’, my Maula upon whom I am fida, my Master and my benefactor and my giver of ne’mats, my Maula Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin, may Allah Ta’ala increase his esteemed life in the saaya of his beneficient Maula (TUS), and continue towards him the nazaraat of his Maula the Dai of the Imam, of lofty status, and cool his eyes in his honourable children.
After pure and shining tasleemaat, and excellent and glorious venerations, with sajadaat of servitude and humbleness, kissing his auspicious hand and kissing his honourable qadam –

{p.4} Ghulaam dobaara aap ni khidmat shareefa ma doa vaaste mo’addabaanah araz guzaaru chhu, ane ghar ma si Nafisa ane bachchaao, khaassatan Khuzaima Surat si, aap Maula ni Hazrat Qutbiyyah ma sajadaat na saathe Milaad Mubaarak ni tehniyyat ane doa ni araz guzaare chhe. Ane hamay sagla Assayyeda tul-faadela at-tahera Baisaheba Sakina Baisaheba (Daama ‘uluwwa majdeha) ni khidmat ma doa ni iltemaas saathe taslimaat araz kariye chhe.

Syedna ‘l-Min’aam (TUS) ane aap na Mazoon al-Maula al-Ajal (TUS) no ‘abd,
Mohammad al-Yamani (27 / 4 / 1400)

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