wealth NOT a priority

I was really inspired to share my experience with Aqa Mola tus (the then Mazoon ud-dawat) when I read about them on this site. But before that I’ll give a brief introduction about myself. I am not a deeply religious person. In fact I could be called a radical believer; I don’t follow the usual norms of beliefs, nor is it so with my family.

My first and most lasting experience with Aqa Maula tus was when Maula tus visited my friend’s home a couple of years ago… Since then I am regularly in touch with Aqa Maula tus, and take his advice for any small problems I encounter in my day to day life. Maula tus responds through any one of his shehzadas promptly by email for which I always admire the whole family’s humility and friendly nature. I am not a wealthy person but wealth is never given any priority here.

[Contributed by Mustafa bhai E. Nashrulla in Mar 2014]