We received LOTS of barakat

During Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb stay at our home after ashara mubaraka 1430H. we received lots of barkat. The most important doa was for their own masjid for mumineen in JP Nagar, a long pending issue. There were approximately 250 mumineen houses at that time in JP Nagar. And the roads and other services were very difficult. Mumineen did araz during Ashara that drain water gets inside of our markaz complex and all our namazi clothes get napaak. Mazoon Maula did doa and all the drain works got regularized and the same year each and every road approaching the markaz got concrete and not a single drop of water is stagnated.

The same year, it is indeed mojiza. We were suffering since past 12 yrs almost. After the ziyafat and blessings of Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb I have prospered a lot, and also gained lots of respect in the society. Mazoon Maula stayed in my house in JP Nagar for almost 70 days. In this period 53 ziyafats were done, nikah and misaq and other important majlises were organised. Lots of araz were done in bethak daily – 5700 mumineen came to do araz and qadambosi.

Mazoon Maula’s barakat stays with us. I with my family had a major accident in Kerala on the highway to Bangalore. With doa we recovered very soon. When I went to the consulate in Chennai for my USA visa, they easily gave us family visa; this was also just the doa of Sayyedi Mazoon Maula.

I came into personal contact with Sayyedi Mazoon Maula TUS l0 years ago. I went to Chennai for a ziyafat, where for the first time I got the opportunity to do deedar of Sayyedi Mazoon Maula TUS. In bethak when my cousin introduced me to Mazoon Maula, I was very much touched and I did the araz for ziyafat in Bangalore. With tabassum he replied “insha’allah”. After that I did araz for my elder brother who was suffering from schizophrenia, for the past 4 years he was in Thane mental asylum. Mazoon Maula gave me taveez for my brother and asked me to keep it safe with me as he was not in a position to keep it. I had hurt my finger on our new steel gate while leaving for the airport in Bangalore; Mazoon Maula asked me what had happened to my finger, and gently pressed my injured finger. After the ziyafat I immediately left from Chennai at about 11 pm, when I was at the airport Shz. Aziz bhaisaheb called me and informed me that Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb has accepted your izan and will come to Bangalore tomorrow night. Next day I went to the airport with Taher bhai Merchant, where Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb was staying. Next day, the ziyafat was at my house in JP Nagar. I had made all arrangements, and Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb was very happy. I did araz for a son, and with tabassum he blessed me. On leaving from Bangalore he gave me and my wife Fatema shifa nu sugar and water and asked us to take it without fail. He also blessed our house and said you can stay here comfortably. When I had come back from Chennai, Fatema asked what did you ask for from Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb. I told her that I did araz for my brother. She told me you should have asked him to bless us with a child. I told her I could not. When Syedi Mazoon Saheb came to my house at JP Nagar in bethak first thing I did araz was for a son. Exactly 9 months later, Fatema delivered a baby boy. My brother, who had been mentally ill and not in a condition to live in society, got cured and is living with me and looking after my business, alhamdolillah. At that time, I was not financially well and we had rented a car for 3 days. Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb told me next time when I will come to Bangalore you will have to own your motor cars and this happened very shortly. Now about my finger injury, after Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb departed I completely forgot about it. After few days while taking to someone I remembered, and was very much confused which finger was injured.

[Contributed by Aliasgar bhai and Fatemabai Kapasi on 09 Jan 2014]