Unforeseen Blessings

Looking back over the years, my memory is lit up remembering the occasions I was blessed with Syedi Mazoon Saheb tus’ presence at home. To do Mazoon Maula’s khidmat is itself a great privilege and reward. Yet, after every visit, I would invariably find myself with unforeseen blessings.

One such year was 2002. My daughter-in-law, Alefiyah, was anxious about medical complications in conceiving a second child. Mazoon Maula visited Hong Kong. My wife was away, so the opportunity for khidmat was destined for Alefiyah – which she performed with zeal and devotion. During qadambosi, Alefiyah did doa araz to Mazoon Maula for a farzand. Mazoon Maula left for Chicago and returned to Hong Kong a few months later. On his return, Alefiyah did Shukur araz to Mazoon Maula – she was pregnant with her much-hoped for child.

I had been pursuing an apartment for my son and an office space needed to expand our business for many years. During that visit of 2002, we acquired both properties – agents calling me within one week of each other for a quick close. When Mazoon Maula returned from Chicago, he blessed both properties – properties we firmly believe are his hasanat to us.

In the early 1980’s, in honour of Mazoon Maula’s visit to Hong Kong, a mumin bhai had arranged a barbecue picnic in a rural country park. Towards late evening, after maghrib, I lost my maanek ring in an area which was covered in vegetation. Taher Bhaisaheb noticing my anxiety asked me to do araz to Mazoon Maula. Everyone at the gathering joined in the search, looking in the area where I thought I had dropped the ring. Mazoon Maula summoned Taher Bhai Saheb and asked him to look in a certain spot on the other side. Taher Bhai Saheb walked over, looked down at the ground and picked up my ring.

Many years later, a similar incident transpired. We were celebrating my son Ali’s sehra ceremony at the Hong Kong markaz in Mazoon Maula’s illustrious presence. Late at night we discovered that Ali’s ring was missing – a heritage ring from his grandparents. We anxiously searched in every imaginable place at the markaz but to no avail. We did araz to Mazoon Maula and he specifically instructed us to ask the cleaner who had vacuumed the markaz – we did and she said she knew nothing about it. Mazoon Maula then asked us to offer a reward to her. As soon as we did, she handed over the ring to us.

[Contributed by Abdulhussain Bhai Ebrahim in Dec 2013]