Truly A Farishta

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a certain heart disease known as ‘atria fibrillation’ which causes blood clots in the heart that could potentially lead to a heart attack. Just 4 years ago, one night I was urgently taken by my family members to a hospital after suffering from a lot of pain in the heart, as a result was close to having a heart attack. After multiple tests and x-ray examination, the doctor said that they’ll have to fit a pacemaker in me as soon as possible. I was very resistant and answered that I have to ask my priest first, and if he says yes and gives me his blessings then only I will allow you to do so. The doctor replied abruptly and said, “I know my job sir, and it’s a standard procedure, so let me go ahead”. I remained persistent that without the permission of Mazoon Maula TUS I won’t go ahead. A few months later it was Husain Bhaisaheb’s PhD convocation in July 2009, Mazoon Maula TUS arrived in Cambridge. He asked how I am. I replied saying “Aapni doa si Maula I am fine”, and did araz of my medical situation. Mazoon Maula TUS beamed at me with the same smile just like Sayyedna Taher Saifuddin RA (who has bestowed a lot of barakat on me and his ham-misal Shehzada has continued to give me the same barakat) and did doa and placed his right hand over my heart in a circular manner.
Miraculously, since then I have had no trouble with my heart. The doctors have been astonished with my progress. One doctor asked, “It’s a miracle! What did your priest do to cure you?” I replied by telling him the whole incident. The doctor looked with amazement and said “Mr. Raja, it’s a miracle that you are almost cured with your holy Priest’s hand and blessings; keep your spirits up with your smiles and continue to take your medication, you will not need a pace-maker now, God Bless”. Although I am still taking medication to prevent blood clots, my heart is getting stronger by the day. I am 76 years old, but active as ever. Mazoon Maula TUS is truly a farishta, who with ruhani power cured my illness in the manner of a mojiza.

I will end here with my late friend and father-in-law (Shaikh Qurban Husain Karimbhai)’s words: “Apne Allah no shukur kariye ke apne aava Aqa mila.”

[Contributed by Shaikh Mohammed Raja (N.K.D., M.K.D.)]