The greatest miracle of my life

Most of us believe in miracles. Sometimes in life when the human vision gets blurred and things seem arcane and may be impossible, we hope. Hope for things to change, desires to be fulfilled, goals to be accomplished and if most clearly said, a miracle to take place. Most of us resort to various means for that miracle to happen but jeh apna Doaat Kiraam si aasro milay chhe ye ummeed ma ke this miracle will surely happen by their blessings and doa can never be transcended. I have been most fortunate ke Aqa Maula TUS ni doa manay Mazoon Maula TUS si pochi chhe. I can proudly say for all the small and big miracles which took place in my life ehni doa vagar naaj thaate ane more important ye period ma sabar bhi na rehte.

In 2010 March, I finished my graduation in Bio-technology, after which I wanted to pursue my further education but was out of options. I had little interest to continue in the same field and so I thought to apply for M.A. in Patent Laws. I was not very happy with my selection, plus my parents were also not so satisfied. The other option was to finish my M.S. in Genetic Engineering (which was my real interest) from Bangalore, but the distance was not acceptable to my parents. By Ramazan of that year I was still in a conundrum. I prayed throughout that Ramazan ke khuda kai rasto bataave. Fortuitously by beginning of 3rd daska I happened to get in touch with (now) a friend, UM, who suggested me to do doa araz to Mazoon Maula and ask for his guidance and doa. At home we decided ke jem raza thaase tem proceed karsu. I did araz to Mazoon Maula TUS about the situation then aap ye je meticulous attention aapi ne maari araz suni, considering my interests and strong desire to continue my education aap ye mane Bangalore jaavani raza farmaavi ane maari life badlaai gai. It was my best experience with terms of education so far and my personal growth. This was the greatest miracle of my life. Khuda no shukur.

[Contributed by Jamila Ben Rampurawala on 12 Dec 2013]

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