The blood clotted with Mazoon Maula’s doa

On May 30, 2013 I was working as usual on the conveyer belt in a cars spare parts manufacturing company. I bent down to pick up a screw from the floor and while getting up I hit my head with the sharp edge of the pipe on the right side of my head. I put my hand on the wound and realized I was bleeding. My colleagues took me to the first aid room but the blood would not stop. In such little time, I lost a lot of blood. I tried calling my brother but he didn’t answer the call so I called their residence. Fortunately, there my niece answered, and she told me that Mazoon Maula tus was in Rozat Tahera. I immediately called up Shz Aziz Bhaisaheb and told him about the accident. He said he would do araz for doa in hazrat of Mazoon Maula tus, and immediately afterwards the blood clotted. It was the barakat of Maula’s doa that the wound wasn’t deep and I wouldn’t need stitches. If the blood would not have stopped then, I would have lost consciousness or required emergency hospitalization. My injury healed within 3 days and I was back to work. I called Shz Aziz Bhaisaheb and told him that I was perfectly fine now due to the barakat of Mazoon Maula tus’s doa, and did araz of shukur na sajadaat.

[by Juzer Bhaigora on 21 March 2014]