Shabab in Surat

Mazoon Moula started Shabab in Surat. Shabab took the initiative to organize all the major programs. Aap Moula ashara ma padhara to aap na jaman ni khidmat pun Shabab ye kidi. Pachhi next year it was decided that other organization other than Shabab will do this khidmat of jaman, Qadarbhaisaheb had come for Ashara. The jaman provided by other organization was so spicy and hot that he could not eat, so again Qadarbhaisaheb told daddy [Yusufbhai] that Shabab should do this khidmat.

Once Aqa Moula tus did safar of Ranala by road and Mazoon Moula also accompanied him. After Ranala there was a program to visit Ukai Dam, but Jamaat did not do any arrangements. Mazoon Moula ma araz thai, pote daddy ne farmaayu ke Shabab should do this khidmat and arrangements for Ukai visit. The program was organized, Aqa Moula tus Ukai padhaara and the officers welcomed him. Mazoon Moula on that occasion gave a speech. The officers granted permission to visit the restricted areas of the Dam, and Aqa Moula stayed there for one night. Jamaat members and other mumineen also came from Surat.
Shabab also gave ziyafat of Aqa Moula tus at Revolving Hotel. Aqa Moula tus prayed namaz in that hotel and also arranged for ‘ponk’ (a green jowar very famous in Surat during the winter) party at Rander. Another ziyafat was at Zaini Bungalow, and once at Badri Baug, Dumas. All this was done under the guidance and doa of Mazoon Moula tus.

[Written for Shk Yusufbhai Haidermota by his son on 4 Jan 2014]