roshan sahib aavi ne paisa bhari dida

When Syedi Mazoon Maula TUS was in Chennai for Moharram vaaz, in the wadaa bethak one lady came and did araz that she has to be operated for a caesarian but she had no money. Sayyedi Mazoon Maula TUS said “Khuda sahel kari aapse.” [He left that day for Bombay. A few months later, Fatemi masjid aamil went to Chennai for a wedding; upon returning he said to Mansoor Yamani what he had heard in Chennai:] Later that lady went to hospital and doctor said that they can operate, and wanted to fix a time with her. She said, “But what about the money?” The Doctor said “It is paid already. One saheb with white clothes, like a Muslim priest with glow (noor) on his face came and paid that. Who is that?” The lady showed him a photo of Aqa Maula TUS, he said no; then she showed the photo of Mazoon Maula TUS, and he said “Yes! This is the person who came and paid.”

[Narrated by Hunaid Bhai Khorakiwala, as heard from Haider bhai Chennaiwala on 28 Nov 2013]