My entire life is Maula’s miracle

My entire life is one big miracle at the hands of Mazoon Maula TUS. When I look back at what I was and what I am today, there is a vast difference. And there is just one person who can be given credit for it. None other than Mazoon Maula TUS.

Maula has been there for me all my life. I belong to a non-religious background. During my teens I was unaware of the fact that there was something like Urus Mubarak or Milad Mubarak, despite staying in the heart of mohalla. I used to go to Saifi Masjid during Ramazan for Magrib namaz and after I used to do salaam to Mazoon Maula TUS (just because my friends did). After all these years I feel Mazoon Maula TUS has brought me close to Aqa Maula TUS. Not physically but spiritually. I wasn’t that religious earlier. But it was Mazoon Maula TUS who established my link with God. I was a complete animal; Mazoon Maula TUS made me human. Just like an animal eats and sleeps, I was just the same. But now I live a life of fulfillment. Mazoon Maula TUS has made me a human in every way possible. I believe that Mazoon Maula TUS is a soul purifier. And for me the biggest example is me, myself. I have changed drastically, for the good. My soul has become pure at the hands of Mazoon Maula TUS and its direct outcome can be seen in the way I am now. Some years ago from now, people would not even think of me as a person who would wear rida everywhere that I went, but here I am, wearing rida. And this happened because the impurities in me were washed away. And rida is a simple and basic example but it just goes to show the influence that Maula has on people. The best part is that, Maula never talked religion to me.

I lost two twins of mine but now I have two children. Mazoon Maula TUS tied 9 knots in my bhaar dori (something like this is not common). I used to work in an advertising agency and the politics out there is quite dirty. But unfortunately I would never understand this and circumstances would occur which would ultimately lead to me being thrown out of the job. When I did araz to Mazoon Maula TUS about me losing my jobs, Maula told me “nazrul maqaam maan”. But every time main nazrul maqaam maanu, within a week I would be thrown out. Now I understand why this kept happening. I am self-employed now, and the amount of profit I make by selling one Islamic artifact is equal to my entire year’s salary of that agency.

I was someone who had no contact with Aqa Maula TUS. I had not done deedaar of Aqa Maula TUS for years but after coming to Mazoon Maula TUS I have come so close to Aqa Maula TUS that of late I must have done salaam to Aqa Maula TUS at least 20 times. It is true that what my parents didn’t give me, Mazoon Maula TUS gave me. I was a brat and Mazoon Maula TUS made me a mumin. My parents used to force me to pray namaz and all thanks to that I would get all the more angry and wouldn’t pray. Mazoon Maula TUS never talked religion to me, Maula never told me ke namaz par. But now if I miss my namaz even once, I feel as if what am I doing wasting my time in this meeting, instead I’ll go and pray my namaz. My entire approach to life has changed because of Maula. I progressed. Moved from a chaali to a flat. All thanks to Mazoon Maula TUS.

I must have been about 10 years old when Mazoon Maula TUS ni ziyafat maari building ma hati. Mazoon Maula TUS na qadam thaya hamara yahaan, we were told that Maula nariyal pani lese so ye araz karjo. Mara maa ye nariyal pani araz kidu but Mazoon Maula TUS ye lidu na. Being a kid, I was quite happy that now I would get to drink the nariyal pani. I tasted it and it was spoilt! This one thing kept bothering me that how was it possible that Maula knew it is spoilt even without tasting it. This was the first time that I saw Mazoon Maula TUS.

I feel I would be ruined but me bachi chhu just because of Mazoon Maula TUS. Manay maari life ma ghana late tak Yaseen parta noti aawarti. I always used to think that going to places like Yemen and Karbala was never going to be possible for me. But after coming to Mazoon Maula TUS I got the chance of going once to Yemen and twice to Karbala. From Yemen we were going to go to Dubai to try our luck at some business there. Before leaving for Yemen we came to Rozat Tahera and did salaam to Mazoon Maula TUS and araz kidi that we are leaving for Yemen and then to Dubai. Mazoon Maula TUS asked us “Dubai jaawu zaruri chhe?” Ane pachhi aap padhaari gaya. Paachha turn thai ne aap ye farmayu ke nazrul maqaam maanjo. When we were in Dubai, we were going to Al-Ain at a speed of 140kms/hr ane tyre faatu. Our car had 3 somersaults and the car stopped with the door side down. Mazoon Maula TUS ni dua si we came out without a scratch. I just had a 30 second black out and that was it. Even the police that came was surprised that we were the people who were in the car.

Whenever we go to Mazoon Maula TUS, there is never a time that we come back empty handed – I don’t mean physically, just always blessed with blessings and duas. There is a worriless satisfaction, as in kai bhi thai toh Maula chhe. Ane Maula chhe toh su fikar chhe. It is Mazoon Maula TUS because of whom I am still sailing, or I would have drowned or sunk, long back. I feel if I came to Aqa Maula TUS and Mazoon Maula TUS right from my childhood, jitni musibat aavi yeh bhi na aawte.

What Mazoon Maula TUS has done for me cannot be put across in words!

[Contributed by Alifiya Ben Darukhanawala on 23 Dec 2013]

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