Jaan ma jaan aavi

Je waras [1405H.] Dubai Ashara ma masjid nu fund thayu ye waras Shehzadi Zainab BS ane aapna husband Janab Abdulqader BS Ezzuddin pun saathe hata Dubai ma. Aashura na din zohor ni namaz baad, doa ane vasilo Abdulqader BS lai raya hata. Ekayek bolta bolta takhat paase neechay giri gaya, peechhe logo betha ta ye sagla ye jheli lida. Doctoro bhi vahaanj mawjood hata, ba’az doctor ye pulse ane heart beat check kidu ane em kidu ke “khalaas thai gaya chhe, kai-aj nathi” [meaning, there is no longer any life], almost em ke guzri gaya chhe, heart stop thai gayu chhe; te saath ehne massage kido. Mazoon Maula ghana fikar ma, qibla ma si poochhu “su thayu?” Mazoon Maula ye ehne qibla paase laavanu farmaayu, logo uchki ne lai aaya. Pote haji unconscious hata. Mazoon Maula ye shifa boli ane ehna button khola ane aapna haath mubarak si Abdulqader BS na seena par Ya Ali ane Ya Husain likhu. Immediately pulse return thayu. Pachhi aap ye farmaayu ke ehne makaan ma lai jaaw, mein namaz pachhi aaw chhu. Mawla ye shifa boli ane saans levu shuru kidu. Namaz baad makaan par padhaara, doctoro hospital lai java vaaste jaldi karva laaga magar Mazoon Maula raza na aape. Makaan ma-j treatment kidi the baad Abdulqader BS ne hospital lai jaavani raza aapi. Hospital ma doctor ne explain kidu ke su banu masjid ma. Hospital na doctoro ye kidu ke tamay ghar ma treatment kidi the ghanu behtar kidu, agar tamay ehne jaldi lai aawte to aa shakhs raasta ma-j khatam thai jaate, ane ½ hour late aawte toh bhi na bachte.

[Contributed by SMS Khidmatguzar on 31 Dec 2013; written statement by SY dated 1405H.]

[Same incident related by another person:]

Abdulqader bhaisaheb ne massive attack aayo hato ashura na din. Dr. Shakir tivaare vahaan hata toh ehye kayu ke finish… Mazoon Mola tus ye shifa boli ane seena par haath faraayo, ane ehna jaan ma jaan aavi. Zainab bensaab ye em kayu ke Mazoon Mola tus ye maara shohar ne bachaavi lida.

[Contributed by Nafisa Ben Yamani on 10 Jan 2014]

It was in the year 2011, my father Shk. Abdullah bhai Kaka, had a massive heart attack when he had visited his daughter in Canada. It was on the night of 4th June 2011, he experienced pain in the chest which was very severe. My sister who is a doctor called the ambulance which arrived immediately, and he was taken to the hospital. Whilst leaving for the hospital my father told my mother to inform me (M) that I should do araz to Mazoon Maula. I immediately called and sought doa of Mazoon Maula. Daddy was taken in the ambulance and treatment was started immediately. As soon as he reached the hospital, he was taken in the operation theatre and procedure to insert stent in the blocked artery was started. Whilst on the table he suffered another attack. The heart had stopped beating for almost 5 minutes, the doctors revived him giving him electric shock. His condition was absolutely unstable and all the parameters like pulse, heart beats were abnormal. Meanwhile since he was given blood thinners an old ulcer perforated and he started vomiting blood. In the evening (Indian time) I rushed to al-Azhar, Saifi Mahal to seek doa from Mazoon Maula. I did araz that “Maula Daddy bachi jai. Ehne shifa thai.” Mazoon Maula ye doa farmaavi and said “fikar na kar kul shifa thai jaase” (these were the exact words). You will not believe it, in two hours everything was fine: all the required parameters showed normal reading, his condition stabilized, he stopped vomiting blood (the ulcer healed automatically) — he was out of danger. Then subsequently he was brought to Mumbai after 2 months. The cardiologist we referred said he would need a by-pass operation as he has a blockage (90%) in another artery. My sister had also said the same. Even doctors in Canada gave the same view. My father did not want to undergo a by-pass, but he was not willing to take a second opinion of another doctor as he always has listened to his doctor daughter and followed whatever she says. However I was against the doctor’s opinion I had met him on many occasions and I felt that he was a money spinner, and I had heard with my own ears Mazoon Maula ye farmaayu hatu ke “fikar na kar kul shifa thai jaase.” I wanted to ask Mazoon Maula ke su kariye. But I knew Daddy will never listen to me. Then almost one year later Mazoon Maula jivaare Jamnagar padhaara hata, hamnay farmaayu “tamay bhi aavo.” There I did araz to Sakina Bensaheba. She suggested we should take a second opinion and consult Dr. Kachwala. We once again sought Mazoon Maula’s doa. The doctor advised tests, checked the earlier reports, then advised that if my father was his father he would not have let him have a by-pass done as Daddy’s arteries are narrow (less in diameter than normal) and were clogged. If a by-pass was done then the opened artery would once again get blocked in some time. So why let him undergo a risk of a surgery. Instead he advised to treat the condition only with medicines. A year later once again tests were done, everything was fine. Every time my father does qadambosi to Mazoon Maula pote aapno haath chhaati par faraave che. Daddy ne ghanu yakeen thai chhe that everything will be fine. Apne yakeen si doa talab kariye chhe toh definitely sahi raasto khuda sujhaave chhe.

[Contributed by Munira Ben Kaka on 24 Nov 2013]

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