Loved for the human being he is

1972 ma mein first time Mazoon Maula tus na contact ma aayo. Mazoon Maula tus Ramazan ma Kolkata padhaara hata; I was 8 then, and my father was close to Mazoon Maula tus. One of the most important things of Mazoon Maula tus is that Mazoon Maula tus never forgets. I have always seen Mazoon Maula as a humanist. There is a cliché that humanist tend to be extremely oppressive or aggressive, but in Mazoon Maula tus’s case, it was exactly the opposite.

I have a background of a Hindu family. In May 2011, it was the occasion of my daughter’s misaaq and I wanted my entire family to be there. While normal people are not so fine with the fact of inviting Hindu guests, Mazoon Maula tus was much more understanding, and permitted me to call my in-laws at Darus Sakina; not just that, he in fact suggested meeting them. (Mazoon Maula tus had met my wife’s biological father in March 2004 and taken interest in his personal life. They talked for about 2 hours discussing my father in law’s profession etc.) After 7 years, Mazoon Maula tus still remembered my father-in-law and asked him “You still work?” So is Mazoon Maula tus, someone who takes interest in people’s lives, having an impossibly sharp memory. You may not remember Mazoon Maula tus but Maula will always remember you. I guess that is the main trait that connects Mazoon Maula tus and Sayyedna Taher Saifuddin RA besides many others, both of them are unique, and they are not loved for the post they hold but rather for the people they are. We can talk to Mazoon Maula tus and Maula is always ready to talk to you and give you advice. Most importantly Maula gives us time. Maula listens. And not just listens but at the same time Maula goes deep into ours problem and spends quality time with us. Mazoon Maula tus is always very easily accessible. It is simple to reach out to Maula and get your problem solved. Mazoon Maula tells us things in short but it has a deep meaning to it (hikmat na kalaam). In 2005, I was facing a lot of business problems in terms of competitors and so I was worried, I told Mazoon Maula tus about it. Mazoon Maula told me “If God wants you to succeed, no one can stop you.” Though a short phrase but it had a lot of meaning. It filled me with confidence.

When we were going for haj, we thought of going and meeting Mazoon Maula tus before. Mazoon Maula tus asked me ke kitnu sabaq para haj par? I said that je miyasaheb ye paraayu itnu. Mazoon Maula tus stood for 2 hours giving us sabaq regarding haj and the arkaans and meanings affiliated to it.

In 2004, my father in law wrote a long hand written letter to Mazoon Maula tus asking for advice because of the impression and mark Maula left on his mind. We live in times where nobody is interested. But Mazoon Maula tus is one person who cares. Maula reads people. To put it plainly, while nobody gives a damn, Mazoon Maula tus does!

I again repeat that Mazoon Maula tus is not loved for the position Maula holds but for the human being Maula is.

[Contributed by Muder Bhai Patan on 19 Dec 2013]