“Himalayan Qualities”

Sayyedi Mazoon Maula Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin TUS is my role-model. His human qualities surpass those of anyone else I have seen in anybody else.
If you talk of patience, he has tons of it. He has borne numerous hardships, but when you meet him, you will feel the presence of a man at total peace with himself.
If you talk of generosity, I have never seen a man who keeps giving gifts to others and money to the poor so vigorously.
If you talk of love, the compassion in his heart engulfs the whole of humanity. He genuinely cares for all.
Patience, generosity, love – 3 qualities which mark the highest human epitome of virtue – all present in my role model in Himalayan qualities, surpassed by none. Mazoon Maula (tus) zindabad.

[Contributed by Dr. Huzaifa Bhai Khorakhiwala on 10 Jan 2014]

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