He saved our imaan

[Talking about a gathering for youngsters in London, where after a short bayaan Mazoon Maula held a question-answer session; munafeqeen especially from Africa were very active in London at that time:]

I remember Mazoon Maula TUS’s visit to London (early 1980s) very well. All the community youngsters were very much impressed by his ever-green smile like Sayyedna Taher Saifuddin RA, and his very humble attitude and pleasant personal interaction with every mumin youngster present there. They were given appropriate answers to any questions they had. I remember one mumin friend of mine saying; “I wished we had more personalities like him stationed permanently amongst us.” Most of the young mumineen are now married with children and whenever we meet we still talk about our Mazoon Maula TUS and his ever-green smile, humility and personality that has saved us and our imaan.

I had asked him for advice in my difficulties of life. He told me to do a tasbeeh 110 times after farizat namaz every day (“qila ya noohu-hbit be-salamin minna wa barakatin ‘alaika wa ‘ala umamin mimman ma’aka“), and believe me, since that day I have smoothly gone through most difficulties that I had to face in my life.

[Contributed by Shk. Mohammed Bhai Raja on 25 Dec 2013]

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