Endless Proofs

People ask for proof so that they can believe what you are saying. Well in our case if we sit to write down each and every proof, the book will run endless. So just covering a few here. When Aziz was about 7 years, he fell and hit his head. It was a severe injury and to top it off, he had lost a lot of blood. We did araz to Mazoon Maula tus. The doctors had given only 24 hours. But Mazoon Maula tus ni dua si he lives till date, hale and hearty!

Our mother was unwell and the doctor suggested her to have hormonal medicines for the cure. However she could not consume those because she had a soft tissue tumor which could turn cancerous because of the consumption of those medicines. Therefore the doctor asked her to undergo an operation. Mazoon Maula tus ne araz keedi and aap ye operation karva ni raza farmaavi. My mother postponed this operation for 2 months stating that she would get it done after Sakina’s board exams got over. 2 months later when she went to Mazoon Maula tus to seek raza for the operation, Maula told her that havay operation ni zaroorat nathi and instead just do sadaqa for 40 days. She is fine alhamdolillah. This is the karamaat of Mazoon Maula tus.

[Contributed by Sakina Bhaigora in early 2014]