Duty becomes joy

With great pleasure and pride, I decided to write a few words.

In Mazoon Maula TUS’ presence one is instantly aware of a sense of peace and serenity. A surge of happiness surrounds us. Our hearts are lighter and we know something beautiful is happening to us – the atmosphere is suffused with his pure and lofty thoughts and no person is left untouched. His personality inspires me to be my very best.

One feels no surprise that Mazoon Maula is inundated with arzis from mumineen residing all over the world. I have had an opportunity to be present and witness the care and depth of vision with which each araz is attended to. I have also observed the relief and clarity that mumineen experience when their arzis are answered – seemingly unsurmountable problems now suddenly solved, confusion suddenly cleared, some even gaining a new vision and prospects for the future.

But what makes Mazoon Maula so special to me is that I have always felt that he has understood me as few ever will. He knows the answer to my lingering unspoken questions. Sometimes words are hardly spoken – a gesture, a smile, an example of life – and the answer actualizes.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Mazoon Maula for the sharaf of accompanying him on several trips. At every place, Mazoon Maula’s words were always highlighted with the zikar of Mawaali Tahereen and illustrations of their sublime personalities. I have always held a deep interest and respect for Aale Mohammed ilm but learning it from Mazoon Maula took on a wholly different intellectual, spiritual and practical dimension. The sabaqs that I was fortunate enough to be bestowed by Mazoon Maula are my greatest treasure to date.

I feel that what accorded Mazoon Maula the greatest pleasure and pride was in recalling his experiences with Sayyedna Taher SaifuddinRA and Sayyedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS. I distinctly recall Mazoon Maula relating about a farmaan from HuzuralaTUS, revering it as ‘mara maatha nu taaj’.

Mazoon Maula was accompanied by Bahen Saheba Sakina Bahen Saheba on all the trips. Her gracious presence, her thought provoking ideas I always remember with great pleasure. I have also had the good fortune to spend time with all of Mazoon Maula’s children and can say with absolute certainty that I have learnt something valuable from each one of them about deen and duniya. The depth of their understanding and knowledge of Fatemi Islam while admirable is not surprising. What impresses me most is how they perform dawat khidmat with utmost devotion, passion, humility and perserverance.

My most cherished memories are those of Mazoon Maula at my home in Hong Kong and my son Tameem’s house in Singapore. My indebtedness for the azeem sharaf of being able to host Mazoon Maula and his family is great – the fond memories of his distinguished presence at numerous darees, the salawat jamans he presided over, his kind attention and even kinder words are etched in my heart.

I give thanks to Allah Taala for giving me this Hasanaat of Mazoon Maula’s gulamee. And with Mazoon Maula’s Doa Mubarak and nasihat, I strengthened my valayat and ta’at for Aqa MaulaTUS and khidmat for Dawat.

[Contributed by Masrura Ben Abdulhussain Bhai Ebrahim on 14 Jan 2014]