Difficult decision for surgery

I would say that every moment of my association with Syedi Mazoon Saheb TUS has been defining my life, but I will recount an incident when he played the doctor for my father. A few years ago I had to rush to India [from America], as my father was diagnosed with angina and doctors advised cardiac bypass. When I heard of all the risks involved, I realized the extreme challenges, due to age and technical difficulty. One of the traits of Syedi Mazoon Saheb TUS is to listen to all the details of the case involved and for many others ask my opinion, and then give raza on what to do. The doctors involved made me sign a paper understanding the risks, which is uncommon. In this situation, I was asking whether to proceed or take conservative measures i.e. take the immediate risks or risks with conservative measures. There are many such situations in medicine where there is no clear-cut answer. Syedi Mazoon Saheb TUS said to proceed. He summoned me from Pune to Thane, and on parting, asked me to give doa and tasbeeh to my father, do nazr ul maqaam and also gave a special shifa handkerchief to place under his pillow at time of surgery. I could see that my father change visibly with these amal, and take courage. Importantly the burden of decision-making was lifted from both of us. Needless to say, the surgery was done in a very short time duration, the recovery was remarkable for that age, and home in a few days.

[Contributed by Dr.Quresh Bhai Kairullah]

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