Atbaa’e Husain Niyaaz Trust, Surat

Surat na Ashara ma fund kidu Mazoon Saheb ye. Surat Ashara thaya te waqat logo ne em hatu ke waaz pachhi [kharas mithas] mukaai ane sagla niyaaz [na jem] lai le. Mazoon Saheb ye kidu ke “aa su? jaman thai Aqa Husain nu”. Ane Atbaa’e Husain qaim kidi. Pachhi jitni jagah Surtiyo hata duniya ma, Hong Kong ma, Singapore ma, America ma, akha duniya ma only Surtiyo si fund lidu. Ane je paisa jama thaya toh pura Ashara na niyaaz na jaman thai pehle, ane pachhi baaqi na urus na jaman thata hata ye fund ma si. Itnu fund thai ke dus niyaaz thai ane plus paisa bachta hata toh bija urus na jaman thata surat ma. Havay badhu mukai gayu.

[Contributed by a bhai who has spent most of his life in khidmat of Mazoon Maula TUS on 31 Dec 2013]

When Mazoon Maula TUS for the first time did waaz in Surat, that time there was no rasam of salawaat jaman during Ashara, only some mithaas & kharaas was served. Mazoon Maula ye farmaayu ke each and every family should contribute Rs.5 for niyaaz, ane jaman ni rasam chaalu kidi. Aap ye Atbaa’e-Husain qaim farmaayu, je Ashara ma niyaaz na jaman ni tawalli karay. From the amount saved from contribution, Atbaa’e-Husain purchased a shop at Ring Road and rented it, so that the amount received can be used in Ashara niyaaz. Fakhruddin bhai Zakavi was one of the trustees. After a few years what happened we don’t know, but the shop was sold, but the rasam of niyaaz jaman is still there today.

[Contributed by Yusuf Bhai Haidermota on 4 Jan 2014]

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