Aqa Taher’s Personality

There is no source or a starting point that we can trace for our closeness to Mazoon Maula tus. Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA was always there for aap na mumineen and so it was for our family too. After Aqa Taher vafaat thaya we bonded with Mazoon Maula tus for the simple reason that during Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s time Mazoon Maula tus was always with Aqa Taher, and hence he knew us well. My naani often says that Mazoon Maula tus used to stand exactly behind Aqa Taher holding Maula’s chair till however late it used to get in the night. It seems that this manzar is still vivid in their memory by the way they describe it.

We got the sharaf of assembling and organizing Mazoon Maula tus’s collection of photographs of Aqa Taher, Aqa Maula and Maula’s family and Aziz was struck by how when we compare Aqa Taher’s personality with Mazoon Maula’s, it seems exactly the same. The way both Maulas hold hands of their grandchildren while walking or the way both Maulas point out to their khidmat guzaars as to which tashreef to give in zyafats (from personal experience) and many more such daily life things. He believed that even the best imitators might have some flaws in their imitation but the similarity between these two Maulas is flawless. This only goes to show that it is not imitation, it is natural…!

[Contributed by Sakina Bhaigora in early 2014]