Aqa Taher na qabar ma si aavaaz

This happened in about 2004. As per our longstanding family tradition, we send cooked fish to Huzurala tus, Syedi Mazoon Saheb tus, Syedi Mukasir Saheb tus on the first of every month (mahina ni pehli taarikh). On the first of Moharram, on this occasion, I purchased three fishes and prepared to take one to Surat to present to Huzurala tus and send one to Dubai for Mukasir Saheb tus. I went to Raudat Tahera for zyarat at 8.30 before sending the fish for cooking and taking the 11.30 train to Surat. I had just about put my head on the marbled floor when I heard Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A.’s unmistakable voice: “Mazoon Saheb ne tu machchi devanay bhuli gayo chhe!”. I rose with a start, completed my zyarat, ran out of Raudat Tahera, sought someone’s help to take the second fish to Syedi Mazoon Saheb with apologies and drove off to Bandra to catch my train.

[Shk. Turabbhai Potia; in the book Woh jab yaad aaye, bahut yaad aaye, p.52.  (Trisys Product, Kolkata, 2008.). Same zikar also narrated by Shk Turab bhai to many other people.]

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