Seamless Journey

Hamay jholi bhari ne Bakersfield si Toronto paachha aaya (after Ashara). Aap believe nai karo, the day after we reached home, there was a terrible tornado that hit mid western U.S. and we got the tail end of it here with winds and rain gushing in at 100km\hour. Alhamdolillah, I was grateful we were home safe and sound and not in the air. In fact, as we took wadaa from Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb TUS aap ye poochhu ke departure and arrival time su hasay. When we said ke I leave at 6.30 am and get home at 8.45 pm aap concerned hata and farmaayu ke sadaqo kari ne nikaljo.

We had 3 flights to change on the way home and it felt ke throughout the journey aap ni dua was like this invisible umbrella protecting us. Our flights were ahead of schedule, and in New York my flight landed a half hour early giving me enough time to get to the new gate with plenty of time, which I had been worried about as it was only hour long gap. Last leg of the flight, my son Haider and I had seats way at the back of the plane. As we got there the stewardess said she was going to change our seats, and she took us right in the front of the plane by the emergency exit, which is the most spacious seating. So even though the journey sounded like it would have been long and daunting, it ended up being so seamless that I was just in awe and grateful for Sayyedi Mazoon Saheb doa mubarak.

[Contributed by Ummulkiraam Patrawala on 20 Nov 2013]