Turning point

Mari life ma manay ghana eva experience thaya chhe jene mein em kai saku ke ae mojiza si kum nathi. Mara talaaq pachhi mein ghana depression ma hati coz I lost mari dikri ni custody, but manay mazoon maula t.u.s ni dua ane potana farzand Bazat-Saifiyah BS ni dua ane emotional support manay samajvu helped me immensely. Manay Mumbai ma mansi chala javu tu, toh mein ye sochu ke mein Pune chali jaw jaha mara mamaji nu khali makan hatu. But my family didn’t want me to stay alone coz of the state of mind I was in, tivaare mein ye kidu ke manay mara Mazoon Maula t.u.s. raza aapse toh mein jais nai toh nai. Ane manay Maula ye raza farmavi but em bhi farmayu ke mein pachi Mumbai avu toh raza lai ne avu. Mein ye ae mutabik amal kidu ane raza lai ne for a day or two Mumbai aava ni neeyat kidi. To my surprise in the bus that I came, the Finance and Accounts senior most Manager of India’s largest steel company, Steel Authority of India (SAIL), was next to me. He just casually spoke to me as co-passsengers, and he asked what I did. I just said I had my own business of corporate gifting, not having a clue about why I said that coz at that point in time I was doing nothing, as in I had no plans for my future. Then he asked my company name, and I said ‘Creative Network’, the name Mazoon Maula t.u.s. had given me few years back when I used to do some kind of embroidery work. We kept talking about my business, me not having a clue what I spoke and why. Later I got a call from SAIL to give my company introduction and a presentation of my products, I took raza of Mazoon Maula t.u.s. to start this business of corporate gifting in the name of Creative Network. Manay raza thai ane it’s been 5 years of my business, ane khuda nu shukar ke Aqa Maula ane Mazoon Maula t.u.s na vasila si it’s still running successfully.

[Contributed by Fatema Ben Vangerwala on Jan 2014]

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