Smooth Life

When I was 6 years old, Qutbuddin Maula had come to Udaipur and was staying in Laxmi Vilas hotel. That time I went repeatedly in a matter of 10 minutes to do salaam of Maula and Maula gave me chocolate each and every time and never said anything that why I was coming for salaam again and again. After that experience my life was very smooth on track, my education also went well and everything. Whenever I used to come for ziyarat in Raudat Tahera, I used to do deedaar of Qutbuddin Maula, and even shifa and the car would be so slow that everyone used to get shifa and deedaar sharaf. Maula even instructed his driver to drive slowly always so that all get deedaar and shifa chance and we do not have to run behind the car.

Maula padhaara hata Dubai, I was in Dubai at that time and there was a very long queue for salaam. After around 1 ½ hour my turn came to do salaam, I did qadambosi but I forgot to tell what I wanted to do araz. Then after moving away a few steps, I did araz for my shaadi and Maula carefully listened to the araz and asked his shehzada to call me near as I was at a distance. I went again and Maula asked me to keep nazrul maqaam as per my age and em farmaayu ke jaldi shaadi thaase. He gave me a handkerchief in tashreef.

I was inclined in my faith to Qutbuddin Maula since childhood. Burhanuddin Aqa was not always reachable as the aamils controlled the ‘passes’ and everything so we rarely got the ‘pass’ and Qutbuddin Maula as a Mazoon was always easily reachable, so I was very satisfied in doing my salaam and qadambosi with him. In shehrullah when Qutbuddin Maula led maghrib isha namaaz in Saifee Masjid and after namaz immediately the iftaar thaals were kept in Utility Building next to Saifee Masjid so there would be very less rush in doing salaam of Qutbuddin Maula.

After my marriage when I was pregnant, my vomiting was not under control. Jamila Ben who was a khidmat guzaar with Maula got me shifa nu paani, sugar from Qutbuddin Maula and it cured me, and the vomiting stopped.

When I came to Thane for misaq on Imam uz-Zaman majlis this year. It got a bit late so I was thinking to leave without doing qadambosi. Nevertheless, I waited and did salaam and shifa water for my daughter and it gave her shifa, as she was feeling uneasy that day.

[Contributed by Shabana Ben on 10 Mar 2014]