“Mazoon Maula has increased my love for Aqa Maula”

Looking back over the years, my memory is lit up remembering the occasions I was blessed with Syedi Mazoon Saheb tus’s presence at home. To do Mazoon Maula’s khidmat is itself a great privilege and reward. Yet, after every visit, I would invariably find myself with unforeseen blessings. My decades of knowing Mazoon Maula have enriched me in many ways that I cannot begin to fathom, let alone count. The nemat I have listed here – that of a grand-child, hard to find property, even lost rings recovered – these are only some tangible ones. The biggest nemat that Mazoon Maula has given me is a clear understanding of the rutba of Dai al-Mutlaq – which has increased my ikhlaas and love for Aqa Maula (TUS) a thousand fold. When I reflect on some of the incredible opportunities and experiences that Aqa Maula (TUS) has bestowed on me, I firmly feel that he acknowledges me as a khidmatguzaar and muhibb of his Mazoon. I pray to Allah that every generation of mine be granted this precious gift that has embellished my life – khidmat of Dawat.

[Contributed by Shk. Abdul Husain Bhai Ebrahim]

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