dua si sahih raasto soojha

It was on 16th December 2013, 13th Safar 1435H. At around 4pm the printing machines were working normally, suddenly there was a short circuit in one of the fuse boxes. after trying one hour the electrician concluded that probably the earthing wire somewhere in the machine was loose. The machine mechanic arrived; he concluded that the connector switch box had to be replaced. It was at 10pm .We decided to buy a new one the next day. The next day although the new connector switch was fitted. The problem was not solved. Every time the machine was started immediately somewhere the wire would short and there would be a spark. This is very dangerous as one knows that a fire due to short circuit can indeed spread in this manner, especially when there are so many inflammable materials around. It was already 4:00 in the evening, I was getting stressed out as the fault was not detected, nazrul maqam bhi mana hata, tasbeeh kidi. Finally I thought that Mazoon Maula ne araz karu kai raasto nikle. Phoned Sakina baisaheb. Narrated the whole incident and requested that she do araz to Mazoon Maula. Maula ye farmaayu ke “inna ma’al usre yusra” ni tasbeeh karo 40 times ane tamnay sahi raasto milse. Did as was told, and you won’t believe it, in a short time I just went out, was talking to my neighbour, and he said “your problem is still not solved?” He suggested that why do I not ask Ashok bhai (he has a lot of technical knowledge about the working of printing machines), probably he might guide you. He came down and told the mechanic that probably the fault might be in the machine motor. The mechanic opened the motor, and meanwhile I called the motor mechanic. It was only due to the doa of Mazoon Maula that he agreed to come and check the motor; usually whenever we phone him to attend to any problem they rarely come immediately as they are busy at another job, and sometimes in fact they only come the next day. The mechanic opened the motor, he realized that carbon (soot) had settled on the inside of the motor which was touching the earthing wire and was causing the short (spark) when the machine was running. He cleansed the carbon and the machine started working perfectly.

Mazoon Maula ni doa na sabab-aj hamnay sahih raasto soojho, problem solve thai gayo. I can only say that Mazoon Maula mojizaat na saheb chhe. ‘Kun fayakun’ na saheb chhe. Tamay dil si doa leso toh ehno faido zaroor dekhso.

[Contributed by Munira Bai Kaka on 24 Dec 2013]