Aqa Burhanuddin ziyafat

During our ziafat at Bilal Gali’s house Mazoon Maula guided us and took personal interest that we are allotted a date. Aamil saheb Yayha bhaisaheb told Daddy that there is no date available for your ziyafat, but due to doa of Mazoon Maula, Aqa Maula allotted the date of wadaa ziyafat to us.

During J bhai’s nikah, the date of ziyafat was postponed once due to health of Aqa MaulaTUS. We were anxious that now it would be difficult to get another date. Daddy did araz for doa to Mazoon Maula. Mazoon MaulaTUS called Shk.Yusuf bhai Rampurawala to give date of 3rd Shabaan; it was a date for two birthdays in our family, one as per Hijri calendar and one as per English calendar. And it so happened that the date initially allotted was 2nd Shabaan but later on it was changed to 3rd Shabaan (as the ziyafat was at our Begumpura House, and on 3rd night normally Aqa Maula does not see the moon). So we were allotted 3rd & 4th Shabaan night. Mazoon Maula ni doa thi hamesha kaam sahel thai chhe ane jem aap chahe chhe tem thai chhe.

Due to Aqa MaulaTUS & Mazoon MaulaTUS doa within 15 days after a major operation like brain tumour Daddy was okay, and today even after so many health problems he is independent and moves around in the house on his own. It is Mazoon MaulaTUS ehsaan that recently when Daddy came to Mumbai for ziyarat Mazoon Maula gave special time at Darus Sakina, Thane.

[Contributed by Juzer Bhai Hydermota on 4 Jan 2014]